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About Us

Consulting Team

We understand that you expect us to be technically proficient, and that you would prefer to work with people that care about you and your business. So all our team are all friendly, good-humoured and motivated. There's a unique and vibrant energy within our office that comes from professionalism and a real enjoyment of what we do.

We're a family business so you can be assured of strong values and complete respect. You can expect  us to pay serious attention to the protection of your livelihood and future. We'll give you realistic advice on the best way to ensure the financial rug isn't pulled out from underneath you and your family.


Michael Moschetti
B.Bus (Acc), CPA
Chief Executive Officer
Business Adviser

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Ron Zamora
Tax & Small Business Adviser
B.Bus (Acc) CPA

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Dean Hendrie
Personal Taxation Manager

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Tim Bower
Tax & SMSF Adviser
B.Com (Acc), CA, CTA

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Caren Hendrie
BA(Hons), CFP
Madison Financial Group
Authorised Representative

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John Hendrie
B.Bus (Acc), CPA, CFP
Director, Senior Adviser
Madison Financial Group
Authorised Representative

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Michael Crowe
Advisor, CFP
Madison Financial Group
Authorised Representative

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Kylie Graham
SMSF Adviser

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Support team


As well as our consulting team, The Hendrie Group employ 10 other professional and client service team members to help you build a better life.


John Hendrie established the business in 1977, with his wife Dianne Hendrie providing all administrative support.

By 1982 the business was providing Taxation, Accounting and Investment services, with the primary focus on Tax and Accounting. The growing business moved to rented premises in 1983, subsequently adding further administrative and then para-professional support, before employing additional full-time qualified professional staff in 1988.

By the early 1990s, with John and three qualified Accountants providing mainly Tax and Accounting services, John became determined to grow the Financial Planning activity, so that clients could be assured of comprehensive financial, tax, and business advice from professionals they already knew and trusted.

Today The Hendrie Group is possibly the most well known financial services firm in the Outer-East, with a proud reputation for integrity and professionalism. 

The secret of our success is that we genuinely care about our clients, and will do everything we can to help you achieve your financial goals.  


Who is The Hendrie Group?

The Hendrie Group takes the stress out of accounting, tax, and your finances. And we've been doing this for more than 35 years.

We understand families and business because we are a family business. We know what it's like to get so focused on the day-to-day here-and-now that it can be difficult to focus on important decisions that affect your future.

After all, who has the time for that? We do.

You see, we've been passionate about helping all families succeed for over 35 years – whether your business owners, employees, or retired.

We do that by offering you consistent and proactive advice, which is easy to understand and simple to follow. Our aim is for you not to worry about accounting, cashflow, forecasting, GST, superannuation, insurance or financial planning.

We find out what you need, reduce worry and minimise the work for you.

How do we work with you?

We employ experienced specialists in a range of areas so that all your professional finance and business needs can be met in one place.

Convenience and expertise under the same roof!

How do we work with you?

Our service is personal, comprehensive, easy to follow, and an investment in your future. In a nutshell, The Hendrie Group's family business is here to help you and your family achieve long-term financial security.

Business Services
Business Services
We offer a wide range of
business services.
Build your wealth
Building your wealth
We will help you with all your
Wealth Creation needs.
Asset Protection
Asset Protection
We will offer solid Wealth Protection
advice and guidance.
Personal Tax
We can help you with your personal tax needs.