Importance of income protection insurance – the value of you

Many people know what it is like to get caught short without enough cash in the bank or to lose sleep over mounting debt.

But imagine if something happened and you couldn't work!!!

  • Your income stops.
  • The mortgage and other debts still need to be paid.
  • Bills continue and actually pile up.
  • Usually more bills to pay for medical treatments.

Imagine the stress then!!

The last thing you want to be thinking about is money when a dreadful illness occurs. You want to focus on getting better.

Income Protection will help keep you afloat financially for as long as it is needed (it can be up to age 65 or 70).

And yes insurance companies do pay claims,providing you use a quality insurer.

Don't just say you have this in your superannuation. Check the waiting period (the period you have to be off work before you get paid) and that the benefit period is for more than 2 years and the amount they will pay (cover) is appropriate to your current salary.

Get personalised advice that's right for you.

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