I've just had a great meeting with my Financial Planner, Michael Crowe to review my own personal superannuation (yes even us experts have experts we work with). And I wanted to share what happened.
He had some terrific advice regarding some of my investments, and together we worked out a strategy to squeeze some more dollars from the government (legally of course).
We make a great team!
So I've got a question for you… Would some advice around saving tax and building real wealth be of value to you? If so Michael and I will be working with business owners this year who want to pay less tax, and who want to build a real wealth – not just "plod along".
To start the ball rolling, we've written a short guide called: 
'No more government donations! 9 Steps to reducing taxes in your small business'
It will help you get on top of your finances, by sharing 'tried and tested' strategies that improve their tax structures and show you how to create a 'game plan' to have financial abundance (not just security).
That's how business owners achieve more MONEY! CHOICES! FREEDOM!
Business owners who don't use a guide like this, have a few negative things happen to them… They end up aimlessly plodding along and have no clear direction for their nest egg – no plan of action – no real target to aim for – they just HOPE for the best…. They miss out on seriously attractive and guaranteed tax savings. And worse still, they fall waaayyy short of the lifestyle they had been dreaming of.
But our clients here at The Hendrie Group are not like that. And the way to get your copy is to just hit this link.
BTW - we'll also be holding a workshop on Wednesday May 11 4.30pm - 6.30pm. Details to come but there will only be 20 places available so grab your spot here.