Wow I have to admit to having really mixed emotions about yesterday… It was terrific and Tony was a rockstar, but 12 hours without a break is a little much even for someone with high energy levels like me!

Probably the biggest take-away for me was the bio chemical change you can effect in your body by changing your physiology, focus, and language.

I can't wait to share the technique with some of my business owner clients who I know can get stuck in a bit of a "funk" spiral when life and business just gets too busy!

I ended up getting a little overwhelmed by the crowd (5000 people) last night and gave the firewalk a miss (I'm only little). But Mick ripped his shoes and socks off and was 3rd in line to go running through that fire with no fear. Very impressed!!!!

Today Tony is taking a break and we have someone else which I was disappointed to learn but I guess at 56 he probably needs to start thinking about a succession plan. And to be fair, Joseph rocks and we are having a lot of fun and making some key decisions :-). 

Oh and best of all, he has given us a freaking lunch break!