This morning 'my-man-Mick' accused me of not being interested in what he was saying because I was folding washing as he was speaking. Quick as a whippet I explained to him that I was 'multi-tasking'…

Most women (including me) wear their multitasking capability as a badge of honour. Most men on the other hand shake their heads and wonder - not only how, but why??

Did you know there is actually a scientific reason behind this multitasking skill?

Women actually have more connective tissue between the left and right sides of our brain... They also have keener peripheral vision.

This is why when a hunky man walks in the room we can check him out appreciatively without breaking eye contact or conversation with our partner. On the other hand, our male counterpart usually breaks eye contact, stops mid-conversation, and often even physically turns to check-out a lovely lady. Then of course he gets into trouble for doing the exact same thing we've sneakily done ourselves!!!!

Ladies, on this International Women's Day, celebrate your multi-tasking ability but remember there is no substitute for good old-fashioned focus. It will serve you a lot better in achieving your goals, not to mention keeping those stress levels down!

Happy International Women's day! I hope you get a giggle out of my own favourite multitasking pic.