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Oh goodness, we have so many terrific testimonials so we'll make it as easy as possible for you find what you're looking for. Below is feedback about our business in general, but if you're looking for what our clients have to say about our specific consultants, just click on the team member you'd like to know more about.
 "Some years before retirement we sought advice from several financial consultants (including banks) none of whom we understood.  It was suggested we talk to Hendrie Group and we phoned and made an appointment with Michael.   Our meeting was very informative as Michael explained to us, in ways that we easily understood,  what could be done to maximise our options heading for retirement.  For the first time someone made sense to us and we decided to accept his recommendations.  Since then we have been more than happy with how we have been looked after."  Jim and Claire Langdon

"Kelvin & I would have no hesitation in telling anyone to use your services. We have always found you very helpful, easy to understand. Open to answering questions in person or over the phone if needed.  We thank you for your assistance. 
* Not forgetting the fantastic bowl of lollies & coffee on offer." Prue and Kelvin Terry

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and The Hendrie Group for providing us with value for money service. Your investment advice/expertise and your attention to detail has been very beneficial to us, especially during such a volatile market. We also appreciate your up to date information regarding our investments.
You and your team make our lives so much easier, as we know we are in very capable hands at all times."  Jack and Kathy Holstein

For the seven years we've been clients of Hendries, Michael Crowe has been our Financial Advisor. Over this time we have established an excellent rapport with him due to his friendly manner and great sense of humour. The latter is, of course, only possible if a person establishes trust, knows and understands the people he is dealing with and is readily accessible. Michael meets all these qualities - he understands our needs and lifestyle, answers our questions and keeps us up to date of relevant changes as it affects our portfolio. He takes time to explain matters and promptly follows up on any issues we may have. One couldn't ask for a better advisor!  Ross and Jenny McTaggart

"We have known Michael Crowe for three years. He has been our financial adviser and has given us considerable peace of mind with regard to our financial affairs. He has guided us with integrity and skill and has provided us with excellent strategies as we head towards retirement." Shane and Cathy Dawson


Ron Zamora
Tax & Small Business Adviser
B Bus (Acc) CPA

  Michael Crowe 
Adviser, CFP
Madison Financial Group
Authorised Representative 
  Caren Hendrie
BA (Hons), CFP
Madison Financial Group
Authorised Representative 
Dean Hendrie
Personal Taxation Manager 

  Michael Moschetti
B.Bus (Acc), CPA
Chief Executive Officer
Business Adviser

"Positive customer feedback has increased, but the most noticeable change is within our team. We are all excited and committed to our business and can focus on the goals ahead with more confidence." R. Tyndall

"Mick has given us the stimulation to become creative again in our business." S&W White

"After dealing with the company for the past twenty years, the standard of professional service is as high as ever. As each new employee is met, their courteousness and professionalism shines through at each encounter. Well done to all of The Hendrie Group." C. Chen

"The Hendrie Group has assisted me to develop a tailored strategic plan in achieving my long term goals – that is to combine a successful professional life with a rewarding personal life, and a focus for long term financial independence." Dr S Lam

"I have been working with Michael for quite some time now and always find him to be completely in touch with the financial market moves. Our annual discussion is a great opportunity to review past performance and agree the strategy going forward for both short and long term. He has been keen to understand our overall goals and our risk profilewhich is fine tuned each year.
He has been available throughout the year to answer any questions we have and is always advising of due dates for various investments for reinvestment or a new strategy. I am satisfied that Michael has a good feel for the market and is able to guide us accordingly. I look forward to many more years of competent financial advice." John Campbell

"My wife and I have been working with Michael Crowe, of The Hendrie Group, for several years now as he has guided and provided advice on financial planning for our future retirement and beyond. Michael has proven to be an honest and trustworthy person who has stepped us through the minefield of considerations to be given to ensure the best financial outcomes for us as we transition to retirement.
We have been very impressed with the personalised professional service and advice given to us. We felt very comfortable to put our finances in his care and to guide us in the right direction. We have no hesitation in recommending Michael's services with complete confidence to anyone looking for a caring and professional person to assist with their financial planning. We look forward to a continued relationship with Michael.Russell and Adele Imer



"Michael Moschetti helped us create that 'WOW.'  Everyone is delighted with the awesome service we are offering." N. Tate

"My team have enjoyed being involved, we have found the business improvement sessions informative and eye-opening." G. Allen

"The most valuable element of working with a team like The Hendrie Group is having someone with expertise behind you to direct you.  Without this you might say 'this is a good idea' and then do nothing." A. Monks

"The resources at The Hendrie Group are exceptional." L. Stanton

believed our business was progressing at an acceptable pace. I now have a clearer idea of pro-active management and monitoring of systems and procedures and have now realised the unlimited potential, and untouched areas I can now focus on to grow our business from 'average' to much, much more." Anonymous

Love your firm, always happy to refer people"…C.Prins 

A very welcoming, personal and highly professional firm – helpful, clear, easy to understand advice – very personal attention." G. Milley

"The Hendrie Group has helped us develop and instigate many of the initiatives that have turned us from being a good carpet and upholstery cleaning service to what we believe is the best in Australia." G.Carbis

"As a client of The Hendrie Group for many years, I have derived significant benefit from their sound and comprehensive advice, particularly in the areas of tax management, tax planning and financial planning." Dr A Burke

"It's good to feel that the business is honest, and worthy of trust. There are symbols of family and faith in the office and one presumes these icons encourage honest endeavour. I have always experienced good advice and reliable counsel over twenty years; even minor matters are treated with courtesy and careful attention."    E.Bottomley

"Always courteous and friendly, and have a sense of humour"    M.Scheel

"Very thorough and easy to follow explanations – no bull!"    T.Bouma

"Every business owner should be able to learn new ideas to positively impact their business by meeting regularly with Michael Moschetti."     W. Mason

"Very satisfied with your service – thus always willing to refer new clients to your firm. Keep up the good work"   J.Kadane

They are all great to deal with and have the ability to make people feel quite comfortable. I doubt if you'd have any PR problems." …J.Cummings

It's nice to be treated as a 'person' - not just a client. Thanks"…A.Chisolm

A very welcoming, personal and highly professional firm – helpful, clear, easy to understand advice – very personal attention"…J.Selwood

Val and I always feel we are getting the royal treatment when we come in with a problem. We feel very welcome"…E.Knights

We are constantly happy with advice and service provided by your office. Our questions are answered promptly and explained clearly. The advice has always been positive for us" G & R Lee

"Very pleased with the service and the wealth of information received from your group."  … J. Kimpton

Each person we have come in contact with have given us terrific help and also our children. When phone calls are made, prompt action is taken and calls are returned. Nice to be treated as an important client instead of just a number in a queue."…V.Ring

"First time I have dealt with you and you have a happy customer."…K.O'Neil

"Excellent service at a realistic price"…L.Hadland

"Very satisfied customer"…R.Ide

"All staff members met over the past ten years have been helpful and friendly.  A visit to your office is a recipe for a raise of spirits. Thank You!"…F & P Pinnigar

"I've been with The Hendrie Group for 35 years; always happy. You always do a good job, back your work, and easy to deal with." H. Hollman

"The Hendrie Group are honest and do nothing without your "say-so". They explain everything very clearly to you."

"We love The Hendrie Group because they have reliable, friendly service, professional and helpful staff, and offer great support and advice." Anonymous


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